I Know I’m Flawed, But I’m Trying To Be Better For You

Thought Catalog

Would it be too much of me to ask for you to stay?

I know it gets rough sometimes; I’ve accepted the fact that I’m not always the most lovable person. I have moments in which I get too unreasonable, too childish. I’ve been with you long enough to know what ticks you off and I’m sorry if I hold this knowledge against you.

I’m aware that you could list down all my faults and flaws in a single breath if someone asked you to. Sometimes, i think that you could even see them better than I could.

Now I’m not trying to put myself in bad light here, just hear me out on this one, okay?

You told me once that I am selfish beyond reason. I think about myself first, narcissistic enough to believe that I am always right. And how many times have I been a brat…

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